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Minister Anthony Durden



Minister Anthony Eugene Durden was born in Miami, Florida in 1970 to the parents Brilla & Bobby Durden.  In 1976 his parents divorced and his mother moved to Compton, California where he dropped out of high school and found himself involved with gangs, robberies, selling drugs and a list of other street crimes. He spent 14 years of his life in and out of prisons and jails.  At age 13 Anthony had his first experience using drugs which resulted in a 20 year addiction to drugs and alcohol. As a result, Anthony ended homeless, broke and during worst times, eating out of garbage cans to survive. One day while high on drugs and wandering the streets of Miami, someone invited him to The Miami Rescue Mission to get help for his addictions. Reared in the Christian faith by his parents at an early age, The Miami Rescue Mission is a faith-based Christian organization and was just what Anthony needed to get his life back on the right track.


In 2006 Anthony graduated from the Miami Rescue Mission Regeneration Program. He graduated as a Mentor to the residents and gained respect and recognition from both the residents and the staff. The following year he became the President of Christian Men’s Club Corporation and S.H.E.A.R. Inc, Sharing Hope Empowerment and Reaction, a non-profit Christian organization. He is also member of Koinonia Worship Center & Village under the leadership of Pastor Eric H. Jones Jr.


Since fully committing his life to the Lord Anthony has been a solider for Christ in the streets of Miami and a pillar in our community. He gives back faithfully to the organization that help save his life by returning to the Miami Rescue Mission monthly to teach bible study, host events and feed homeless men, women and children. Holy Ghost N Da Hood “Saving Our Youth”, Stop The Violence “Prayer Walk”, Christmas In The Village to name a few, are the community events he has hosted.


Today, Anthony has been clean and sober from drugs and alcohol for 11 years and keeps a busy schedule serving in the kingdom of God. He has had several stories about his life and community events he has hosted featured in the Miami Times Newspaper. Most recently, Anthony has been beckoned to minister to death row inmates on Florida’s Death Row. He also partners with local high schools to involve the youth with giving back to their community by organizing feeding the homeless events. His most recent partnership is with the football team of Miramar Senior High School.  He keeps a busy schedule with an array of speaking engagements, radio and television interviews. He is a renowned motivational speaker and is a proud business owner of Kingdom Wear Clothing & Accessories. Anthony recognizes that his sobriety is connected to the work he does for the kingdom of God.  To this he commits the rest of his life.

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